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I’m working on a really exciting design with another blogger at the moment which I will be revealing in a couple of weeks; however, in the mean time I have a little something for you guys. This little Eiffel Tower illustration did not make it into the final cut of my client’s design options, so I decided to share him with you instead. Him… or her? I’m pretty sure in French it’s technically a female, but I’m not going to look it up for fear that Google kills brain cells ;)!

If anyone knows, let me know in the comments section!

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A spontaneous trip to Munich


Last week, one of my friends in Frankfurt took a trip up to Munich and asked me if I wanted to go along with her for the journey. As my best friend is currently living in Munich (but she leaves in 2 weeks, weep!), it seemed the perfect opportunity to visit Munich and spend some time with my friend. The drive took us 4 hours which I think is perfect for a 3 day trip when you are travelling by car. The drive itself followed some of the fairy tale route in Germany, which is something else I want to try out very soon!

For me, Munich felt like a mixture of Berlin and Paris. It had the efficiency of Berlin (along with a lot of the same German-esque influences) but the buildings just felt more like Paris. They are grander and some of them look preserved from a long time before, with shops built into them now out of necessity. This was the same thing I loved about Paris. You could stumble across a supermarket being housed in a beautiful building, just because, well, it’s Paris. Anyway, this post is about Munich and not Paris, so we’ll get back to Munich!

Before I continue with pictures, I just want to say that I lost maybe 50% off the pictures I took on my trip to Munich due to forgetting my DSLR camera and using my phone camera instead. Sunny day + lens glare = a bunch of shitty pictures. At least it’s a nice excuse to go back, right?!

trip-to-munich-6 trip-to-munich-7 trip-to-munich-8 trip-to-munich-9

One of my German friends told me that if you don’t like Hamburg, you would like Munich and vice versa. I’m not sure if it’s as black and white as that but now I have visited Hamburg and Munich, I can see what she was trying to say. These two cities are so very opposite from each other and it seems cities in Germany can go in either direction depending on what area of the country you are in. Personally, I did not like Hamburg. I felt it lacked character and colour. But Munich? Munich was bursting at the seams with everything! It’s safe to say I’m a Munich girl, beer gardens included!

trip-to-munich-3 trip-to-munich-4 trip-to-munich-5

Aside from being shown around the city, I got to spend some time with Emily’s friends which meant I could “live like a local” which is one of my favourite things to do when exploring new places. I feel very fortunate I have ‘international friends’ (did that sound as ridiculous as it felt to type? Suggestions for a better way to word this are welcome!) who can make this possible for me. One of her friends lived in the centre of Munich and had access to his roof. The view was absolutely incredible!

munich-trip-2 trip-to-munich-1

One final thing that I think is worth mentioning about Munich is how English friendly they are. As I live in Frankfurt, which is considered one of the most international cities in Germany, I was advised by people that when I travel elsewhere I should not expect the same level of friendliness/English competence. This was something I took with me to Munich and to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were able to speak with me in English. Not that this will deter me from practicing my German at all, but I just found it interesting that others had possibly had a different experience/expectation of this. To be honest, I haven’t had problems anywhere I have been in Germany so far.

Actually, this is the final thing. I went to Milka World and it was glorious.


Have you ever been to Munich? If not, would you?