Daily Diaries #27


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Despite the only post I have written about it so far being negative, I had an amazing time in England last week. It was so nice to spend time with my loved ones and switch off from work for a little bit. As some of you guys know, I work from home as a graphic & web designer when I am not au pairing (which I am only going to be doing for another 2 weeks… woah) and to be honest, I never switch off when I am at home, even when Dan and I are watching a film or out for the day, I’m always checking my emails at the very least. I definitely need to work on that in the future as I’ve benefitted so much from stepping away.

One of my best friends came back to Frankfurt from England with us for a few days, so most of our week we have spent working side by side on our various projects. I have to say, I am pretty relieved she came back with me as I don’t think I’d have been very good on my own this week after all the feelings. Some girl time was very much needed, although I probably could have eaten a little less chocolate. But you’re only young once, right?

Speaking of various projects, I’ve got a book update! My first draft is 95% complete now and to say I’m excited for what is to come would be an understatement! My next step will be to read the entire thing and form a second draft before hiring an editor to go over it for me, so if any of you guys are interested in that, please let me know! Of course, I am willing to pay for editing services. Drop me an email if you are interested.

Seeing as I am one massively inspired lady this week, that’s all for now folks!


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Two Hours in Brussels, Belgium

I said last week that Dan was driving us from Germany to England for our latest trip, but it didn’t quite work out like that. Dan misplaced his driving license a week before we were due to leave and as a result, I was left to do the driving in mainland Europe (he is only insured to drive in England due to an old policy). I had not driven a car in 2 years and even then, I have only 3 months of driving experience. I’m still not ready to talk about that ordeal.

The drive went down like this: Frankfurt, Germany > The Netherlands > Bruges, Belgium > Calais, France > Dover, England > Essex, England. We stopped off in Bruges for what we hoped would be 1-2 hours of sightseeing, but a mini meltdown (courtesy of me) before we left Frankfurt meant we only had time for a quick picnic on the side of the road as we had to make our ferry on time in Calais. Cue one seriously pissed off and inexperienced driver.

On the way back from England, we promised that this time would be different and as we thought we would have visited Bruges on the way, we decided to stop off in Brussels on the way home. Being short of time (the drive took a total of 9 hours including the ferry, this gave us two hours in Brussels), we decided the two main things on our agenda were chocolate and waffles, naturally.

Fortunately, on our way to completing our goals, we got to take in a little scenery.

brusselsbelgium4 brusselsbelgium brusselsbelgium2 brusselsbelgium1

This is known to many visitors of Europe as “the most beautiful town square in the Europe” and I am in no way surprised. This square was so breathtaking that I had to be hurried along to get to a chocolate shop because Dan feared we wouldn’t have enough time. You can tell where my husband’s priorities lie, right?

Before we made it, I managed to capture a few more images of the city in all of it’s beauty. It felt like every corner we turned that we found something amazing to look at or admire.

brusselsbelgium7 brusselsbelgium6 brusselsbelgium5

When we finally did make it to a chocolate shop, my mind was so unbelievably blown that I could have passed out. The amount of chocolate, flavours, delicious smells and overall goodness was almost too much to handle. How a child grows up in Belgium without a serious obesity problem, I will never know.

brusselsbelgium8 brusselsbelgium9 brusselsbelgium11 brusselsbelgium10

Can you imagine the feeling of elation you would feel surrounded by that much chocolate? 12 euro later and I had secured a small bag of praline and rocher style goodies to feed my sweet tooth.

Our last stop before the 2 hours were up took us across the square to a waffle shop which didn’t seem too impressive, but a girl has got needs. I couldn’t have been more wrong and with each bite of this perfect waffle, I fell more and more in love with Belgium.


Two hours was nowhere near enough to explore this gorgeous city, but it did give me a nice taste (literally!) for it and I definitely want to return. Fortunately for us, it takes a little over 3 hours to drive to Belgium from Frankfurt, so we will definitely be taking another trip again soon!