Lunch At Helium // Frankfurt

As most places are closed in Germany on Sundays, Dan and I decided to spend the day going out for lunch and exploring our city, Frankfurt. Before we managed to make it over to our usual lunch place, I spotted Helium out the corner of my eye and decided we should shake up our usual routine.

helium2 helium

Helium is pretty much in the city centre, close to Hauptwache station and all of the tourist attractions. Whilst it is a restaurant in the day, it’s a club in the evening and I have yet to check out what their cocktails are like (something to add to the to-do list!). From the outside, it’s difficult to imagine it as anything other than a cute cafe/restaurant, but wait until you get inside!

helium3 helium4 helium6 helium5

As we had just stopped for a bite to eat and summer is winding down, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the last of the sunshine. The whole menu was full of delicious burgers, pitas, sandwiches, pastas and so much more! After much deliberation, I opted for a Mexican Wrap and Dan ordered a Bacon Cheese Burger. Whilst we waited for our food, we played with my new camera some more.

helium8 helium7

I had the best intentions to take pictures of our food when it arrived, however, I should admit that we were both a little hungover from Saturday night drinking with friends, so we wolfed it down before I had the chance! The aftermath didn’t look half as pretty…


You can find Helium at Bleidenstraße 7 60311 Frankfurt am Main and the closest U-Bahn (underground) station is Hauptwache.


I LOVED putting together this post! I want to start showing off more of my city for visitors of Frankfurt and people who just want to see a little more about what my life is like. Is there anything else you’d like to see or be interested to learn about the places in Frankfurt? Let me know in the comments!

Rebranding // Kate Jordan Design


When I first re-branded my design services to Kate Jordan Design and designed the new look for the site, I took a simplistic approach that showcased my portfolio and was inspired by a lot of minimalistic ideas. Fast forward to (almost) October 2014 and I am about to be taking my design business to the next level, meaning I felt it needed a design that was also “to the next level”.


For a few months now, I have been on and off working on this idea and last week, it finally clicked into place. I wanted something that looked professional and inviting, whilst still showing my personality, design style and focussing on the design elements I have created rather than a flashy, over the top site full of glitter and flower pictures.


You can see below the way this design looks on mobile view and how easy it is to navigate to areas you want to see. From my print shop to portfolio and information on working with me, it’s all there as clear as day.

katejordandesign4 katejordandesign6 katejordandesign5

I am currently taking on new projects to start in October 2014. If you are interested in working with me next month, head on over and let’s create your ultimate design!

Daily Diaries #31


Daily Diaries is a link up for bloggers of all shapes and sizes. As a blogger, it’s so easy to consider what content is “shareworthy” and what will bring in traffic, that sometimes we forget what the purpose of a blog is. A blog is a web log. So, every Friday I will be sharing what’s been going on with me and encouraging you to do the same, then share your post in the link up area below. Feel free to link up at any point today or over the weekend, and don’t forget about the #dailydiaries hashtag on Instagram to share your latest snapshots!


This week hasn’t been a fantastic one for me. I hadn’t mentioned this previously on my blog because it felt very personal, especially when so many of the stages were unknown and based on waiting for more information. However, now we have all the information and because of some travelling I will be doing next week, it feels appropriate to address on my blog.

My Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last Friday. He is being so amazingly strong about the whole thing and to be honest, he is spending more time reassuring me that everything will be okay than I have been able to with him. Cancer hits people hard, but the fact my Dad, of all people, is the one to be diagnosed with it has been a shock. My Dad’s the kind of guy who never smoked or drank in excess and only stopped running on a regular basis about 6 months ago. He ran the London Marathon several times when I was a kid and has always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. Even though he is 64, the guy looks and acts like someone in his early 50s. So yeah, it’s a shock and I haven’t really properly processed the whole thing.

What I have done though, is sprung to action straight away and made a plan. I booked a one way ticket to England a few days ago so that I can be there when my Dad goes for an operation to remove the cancer, which is in a little over a week. The doctor has said the procedure can be quite complicated and he will be in hospital for at least 2 weeks after this, then he will have chemotherapy for a while after. So, at this point I am unsure how long I will be in England with him.

It feels so weird to think that back in 2012 I was booking a one way ticket out of England and now this time I am booking a one way ticket back there. Of course, the circumstances are entirely different and my home is still in Germany, but it just feels weird to not have a return flight arranged yet.

I feel incredibly fortunate that we did not move out of Europe this year as we had originally intended but at the same time incredibly frustrated that I don’t live close to him (he moved back from Kenya to England in May of this year, after my wedding). Expat life throws you these curveballs sometimes and it throws everything up in the air. With a week like this week has been, I honestly question if this whole thing is even worth it.

P.s. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me over this in the last week. It has meant a lot to me that people are showing their support.

P.p.s. I’ve seen some beautiful pictures this week from the #dailydiaries hashtag and I am confident next week I will have a much brighter post to accompany my favourites.

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