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Considering how many naked people I’ve seen chilling at the park, I can say this with full confidence, it’s been so hot this week that even being dressed has been a struggle. It still blows my mind how comfortable some Germans are with being naked in public. Obviously, I’m not quite there yet ;).

This week I have been a busy bee with design work and had little time for anything else, the end of the month is always so hectic! I’ve also been busy answering people’s queries related to my post on how to rebrand your blog and I am amazed at how many people want to rebrand their blogs! It’s certainly made me feel better about mine, as it seems a lot of us bloggers evolve and decide to take things in a different direction.

Speaking of different directions, I am attempting to go in one with my hair this weekend, which has me feeling partly sick with equal parts of excitement. Here’s some of the ideas I have for my future do!

Follow Kate Jordan’s board Hair I want on Pinterest.

As a natural brunette, I am not expecting all of these looks can be done in one salon session. However, I am pretty excited at the idea of a new hair colour. I don’t know how light I want to go or if I will go lighter at all, I just have serious hair envy for all of these ladies. Why can’t I just have perfect Pinterest hair as a birth right?

As for the actual cut, I have no idea what to do. Should I go short? Stay long and get some layers? A middle parting? Shave it all off? I just don’t know. Girl dilemmas, right? I’ve been growing my hair for almost 4 years now, do I really want to chop away all of that hard work? I’m just feeling like it’s time for a bit of a change!

What do you think?


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Pros and Cons of living in Germany

pros and cons of living in  germany

From one seriously tasty green sauce to an unwelcome amount of public nudity, I am in love with Germany. It’s no secret I love this place, as Dan and I have decided to call it home for the time being and lay some foundations down here.

I was inspired to write this post after I discovered Casey’s series of pros and cons of living in Germany and felt I wanted to share my own from my experiences so far, 1 year on with still so much to discover. I’ve been considering sharing similar posts on my time in France and Greece and in all honesty, I probably should sooner rather than later before I forget it all!

For now, let’s do Germany.

Pro: Frankfurter Grüne Soße

pros and cons of living in germany frankfurter grune sauce

Picture credit & a fantastic recipe.

I’m going to start off with food because, well, I love food. Not only do I love food, but I LOVE this green sauce of goodness. To translate it for you, it’s called “green sauce” and is a combination of amazing, flavourful herbs, sour cream, vinegar, oil and a few extra magical ingredients. Typically, eggs are chopped up into the sauce (hard boiled and finely chopped) and you pour it over schnitzel, which is usually pork meat, breaded and fried. I eat green sauce on anything I can get my hands on because it’s so damn good. The only downside is that you will, without fail, get a herb stuck in your teeth after consumption. One of those pesky ones that needs a full blown toothpick or for you to brush your teeth to remove. However, this didn’t stop me eating it at my hen do (bachelorette party) or serving it at my wedding.

Con: Sausage meat

pros and cons of living in germany sausage meat

Picture credit

Ok, hear me out on this one before you lose your mind. The sausages here are incredible, bratwurst, currywurst, leberkäse, that’s all fine. In fact, it’s more than fine, but we are talking about cons here. I am more referring to the fact that Germany is so into sausage meat that it has some types of sausage I just can’t handle. Blutwurst, anyone? That’s blood sausage for us English speakers and it’s genuinely made from congealed animal blood. I just… can’t. There’s also a ridiculous amount of sandwich meats made from sausage, some of which just do not look appetising, no matter how good they might taste. I definitely feel like they could swap out some sausage with some chicken/turkey once in a while.

Pro: Cycling everywhere

pros and cons of living in germany cycling
When I first moved here, I was LOLing hard at the idea of riding my bike everywhere. In all the countries we lived in previously, I have relied on public transport, my car or walking to get me from A to B. I felt confident with this and considering Frankfurt is so small (for a city), I felt no necessity to throw another transport method into the mix. That is, until I realised everyone else was doing it but me. After receiving a bike for my birthday this year, I have been unstoppable! My bike comes everywhere with me and is my fastest method of transport here because the trains involve waiting, cars involve one way systems and walking… well walking clearly takes longer than cycling. Aside from any of this, cycling is so good for you! I feel the wind in my hair, get a bit of cardio into my daily routine and my legs have been much stronger since I began using my bike. Can you tell I love my bike? Yeah, I love my bike.

Con: German

pros and cons of living in germany german

Watch this video

I am hoping for me this will only be a temporary con, as I continue with my efforts to learn German. For every word I understand, it’s surrounded by 3-4 words that I don’t and it makes it incredibly hard to follow what’s going on around you. Typically, I tune out of German conversation or follow for as long as possible, but it creates for some awkward social situations at times. The German language has a lot of sounds in it that I have no idea how to make, pronunciation of certain letters is frustratingly difficult and their sentence structure is very different to English. So even when if you kind of understand, you’re still pretty much lost.

Pro: Opportunity

pros and cons of living in germany opportunity
The opportunities presented to Dan and I since we have lived here have been unbelievable. The friends we have made have undoubtedly been a great help to us when trying to set up our lives here and we’ve been incredibly fortunate to only meet helpful, resourceful people along the way. The fact that Dan found a job as a kindergarten teacher (with training) when he has no formal qualifications and that I found a free tax advisor to help with my self employment, all within 1 month and 3 months after we decided to stay here, it seems the green light is on for us. I firmly believe that we are supposed to live in Germany right now and that is why everything has worked out so well. We feel very blessed to have come this far from earning €260 per month with no idea what we wanted to do with our lives.

Con: Public Nudity

pros and cons of living in germany nudity
When I am saying public nudity, I am not referring to the famous german spas. In fact, I’ve been to one, got naked and embraced the whole, damn thing. The nudity I am referring to is the people who just get naked in the public parks and sunbathe. This happens a lot and I’m sorry, but it’s weird. Many a time I have been with one of the kids I look after and stumbled across a naked man/woman, laying on their back and embracing the sun. In the middle of the park where kids are playing football, teenagers are secretly smoking and adults are running or walking their dogs. First of all, how is that the kind of environment that makes you want to be naked? Second of all, WHAT AND WHY?! I don’t care about people being naked, but I would like a heads up that I am entering a “naked zone” before seeing full nudity. Is that too much to ask?

Of course, this post would be so long if I were to list all of my pros and cons! Please note these are just a few, chosen completely at random!

I couldn’t decide what questions I wanted to ask you guys so here’s a few. Nudity in your local park, would you like that? Blutwurst, would you try that? That green sauce looks good, right?