The Jennifer Lawrence nudes


As I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed a couple of nights ago, I stumbled across something that shocked me to the core. A page on Facebook was claiming to have “Jennifer Lawrence nudes”, leaked by an unknown source. In all honesty I didn’t for a second believe it would be her. When I realised it truly was her, not only that but someone had hacked her iCloud account to access these pictures, I was speechless.

Normally when a celebrity has nudes “leaked”, I am the first person to jump on the bandwagon that the celebrity did it themselves. Paris Hilton, anyone? But given my love for JLaw, I instinctively believed the stories that she was hacked. Of course, this was back before the media had such definitive proof that there was a mass hacker targeting celebrities; because I think it’s safe for us to all say now that JLaw did not intend for these pictures to go public.

What shocks me the most about this whole thing is that someone out there has completely invaded the privacy of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and clearly isn’t showing any remorse for doing so. At a time where feminism is at an all time high, when did it become okay to cross the lines of their human rights like this? When did it become appropriate for someone to invade another person’s privacy and publicly humiliate them? Whether Jennifer Lawrence took these pictures for herself or someone else, they were clearly not for public consumption. So how did it get this far?

Instances such as this make me feel like women will continue to be objectified and disrespected like this with no solution in sight. How many more campaigns will there have to be? How many more decent role models will be degraded? A few larger publications have since retracted their articles and pictures of the celebrities effected by this hacker, but only because they have been threatened with legal action. Even Perez Hilton, who is a celebrity in his own right now, shared those images of Jennifer and is conveniently remorseful now her representatives have tackled things head on. He never should have published these images in the first place, no one should have. No amount of apologising will make up for the embarrassment and shame she must be feeling.

My heart goes out to Jennifer Lawrence and the other women effected (even the ones who are denying it’s them) for this disgusting case of sexual violation they are all experiencing. I am waiting on tenterhooks to see what the outcome of this situation will be in the coming weeks and I sincerely hope they catch this hacker and make him/her pay for what they have done. Somebody needs to pay for this and serious steps need to be taken to prevent sick individuals from using their talents to orchestrate such awful things.

Things need to change.

Daily Diaries #27


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Despite the only post I have written about it so far being negative, I had an amazing time in England last week. It was so nice to spend time with my loved ones and switch off from work for a little bit. As some of you guys know, I work from home as a graphic & web designer when I am not au pairing (which I am only going to be doing for another 2 weeks… woah) and to be honest, I never switch off when I am at home, even when Dan and I are watching a film or out for the day, I’m always checking my emails at the very least. I definitely need to work on that in the future as I’ve benefitted so much from stepping away.

One of my best friends came back to Frankfurt from England with us for a few days, so most of our week we have spent working side by side on our various projects. I have to say, I am pretty relieved she came back with me as I don’t think I’d have been very good on my own this week after all the feelings. Some girl time was very much needed, although I probably could have eaten a little less chocolate. But you’re only young once, right?

Speaking of various projects, I’ve got a book update! My first draft is 95% complete now and to say I’m excited for what is to come would be an understatement! My next step will be to read the entire thing and form a second draft before hiring an editor to go over it for me, so if any of you guys are interested in that, please let me know! Of course, I am willing to pay for editing services. Drop me an email if you are interested.

Seeing as I am one massively inspired lady this week, that’s all for now folks!


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